Royal Dutch Veal is an authentic milk-fed veal program from the Netherlands where calves are humanely raised in group housing by certified farmers. Royal Dutch Veal calves are never tethered or shackled. The stalls are spacious, light and airy.

The calves are fed calf milk supplemented with roughage. Providing a small amount of roughagemakes an important contribution to improving animal welfare

The Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector (SKV) carries out intensive checks at all of the VanDrie Group’s veal farms to monitor the calves’ health and quality of their feed. The Integrated Chain Management (Integrale Keten Beheersing or IKB) quality management system forms the basis for the checks. Thanks to this, and in combination with the VanDrie Group’s own quality system called Safety Guard, the group guarantees high-quality, safe and delicious veal.