The Netherlands is world renowned for its quality of veal. T. Boer & Zn is the undisputed leader in the Dutch Veal industry with over 100 years’ experience in processing.

Together, T. Boer & Zn and Thomas Foods USA are at the forefront of supplying Royal Dutch Veal to a variety of foodservice and retail establishments across the United States.

T. Boer & Zn began as a family business in 1885. Over the decades, they have grown into one of the world’s largest veal processing facility and integrated veal producer. They are the only veal processing facility in the Netherlands with a royal distinction appointed by the Netherlands court.

Every year, some 400 employees process more than 400,000 calves originating from the VanDrie Group’scontrolled, integrated chain. T. Boer & Zn exports veal to more than 60 countries worldwide, supplying produce authentic milk-fed veal with no added hormones, meeting the market demands of over 60countries worldwide.